Sunday, August 31


I am wasting my life.
I feel like i should be doing something.
I shouldn't be at home on the computer, i should be out in the world helping people.
I want to be important, i want to make an impact.
I think about how it would to become old and i hate it.
I believe that we should make a difference and then die. We have done our part.

Waste is what is happening with our lives.


When am i not confused?

I am really laid back right now. Nothing is going on in my life to really make me woundup tight.

School sucks already. My summer ended last weekend.

I am wanting to go anywhere but near my family at the moment.

Missing people who are in college brings a toll on me.

Thursday, August 14

Night Storm

Night storm the dance club was tonight and I did not go. I instead had a night of a storm. Wasn't a good night but not completely horrible. But I am home now with tori sleeping over, so all is well.

Soccer started on Monday and I kill at the moment. Practice today was slacking so tomorrow will be shit. At least I had fun today.

Dells. Oh the dells how I get sick there again. I went there for three days and all the 3 days I was sick. I got a bite from an unknown insect and it left a nasty mark on my back. I mean it was a ring and everything. You didn't want to feel like me. So that trip sucked.

I don't know. That is my saying.

I miss my player....my fun. LOL
Shouldn't be saying that. I mean I hate seniors of 08 because they are my friends and they are leaving me for college. :( I am going to be in college too! but I am at RCTC right down 14.

I just want things to be normal. Normal. What do I know about normal? WHo does? THe people who are know it alls but they don't know everything because they don't know they seem dumb sometimes to the less intelligent beings on this earth.

RCTC has two classes for me English and Econ. High School is just Calc.
What fun am I going to have? lol I should just make the best out of it all.

Whinny page is over. Hope you viewers had a good time! ;)

Wednesday, August 6


I have learned that when i am happy or just not caring I don't write on this blog. I thought i should share that. THe only reason i am writing right now is because i am bored and don't want to clean. Family is coming over tonight and then we are are all leaving for the Dells. I kind of want to stay this weekend because I could play soccer and hang out with a new friend.
Lately i have been in my own little world. The only thing keeping me with the outside world is soccer. I know that in college i won't play and i am sad. I am really sad because i think this fall season i am not going to last. I have now hurt both my legs. My right gave out and i hurt my left. It hurt so bad i didn't even notice i was bleeding. The only thing i can do is rest but the season starts in a week...A couple pick up games are 3 days after practice starts, so no fun. With fall soccer starting means school starting and i feel like i have to do just school, no fun until i get school done. I have been to 7 colleges total and I have found 3 possible ones-Fargo, Duluth, and Brookings. If i do well on my ACT my mom said maybe just maybe i could go to DRake. I don't know why but i feel like I really want to go there. Money is just a problem.

Dont know what else to tell.

Saturday, August 2

Being Stronger

The world can't be happy all at once. For someone to be happy another person has to hurt. I have been hurting but now i am content. i think i found a good thing. I think it is my turn to be the one smiley. :) I have gotten over the past. I know it is there but why think about it. I willl use it.

The past is strapped to our backs. We do not have to see it; we can always feel it. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

So what is up world? I am ready to see and walk. I will tell you when i am ready to talk to you.