Sunday, December 18

All i want for christmas is a pony................................not

To my PEEPs:

Ok, it is the time of year when u think of other people and i think i have beening doing a great amount of that, but i wonder who thinks of me?

Well my days at Dover-Eyota Highschool have been great. I am really glad that we have gotten a soccer, i don't know what i would do if we didn't have soccer. The bad thing is that a coach we have gotten to know is leaving us for good, i feel like all the soccer players are sad. But the good thing out of this is that we got a team for indoor soccer so we are making great steps. Though we still have to take another great step to get to traveling soccer. This winter around Thanksgiving i got a letter to go to Austrial and Hawaii. THough my parents are to strick and are saying no. I would love to go and see Roni but parents.

Anyway i feel like we are making progress with the one act and i think we all greatly and deeply miss jase, i know i do.

Well that is it with me there other little things but to small to talk about.

Bored out of her mind but happy