Monday, May 14

Homework and More Homework

i have no time and that is all i want. i want to live forever in a way. I don't want to die. I don't want to lose friends or people who aren't really my friends. I have a plan i want to do but i don't when or who i can do it with. It is a girl only thing so i don't know. I really want more time do my plan. I hate not having time. Though i like being busy so some people don't bug me. I am really getting bugged by how one person is being rude, grrr, she just makes me mad.
I really don't want Little to leave, it just doesn't seem like he is leaving. I might seem selfish but i really need him to be there for me. HE is my support system. I really really really don't want him to leave but i guess life is unfair to some people and i need him to be there. I just don't get it. He doesn't seem to care anymore. People seem not to listen to him. He says not to show PDA but they do. THey love him but not enough to respect him. I kinda want them out of there. If you can't do it out in the halls why do it in little's room.
I really want to read in Little's 2nd book. I have started and i can see that it is in its rough stage and i want it to porsper. I know that i have ideas for books but i don't know if i could ever go on like him.
I guess life is goes on a bumpie road, and you are waiting for it to straighten out but the road will never. I guess you know that. So i say take the road at 200mph and make your own road.
Well i am going to go.

Wednesday, May 2

My day...

My day wasn't as bad as my dad's but close...
I spent the whole time running around Rochester and Eyota.
I went to the doctor during our 2 hours off. Then they said they could see me later, so again went to the doctor, and they said they could see me later so 3 places at 3 different times, i just hope my back will be better. Then i had to go back to school because i locked my keys into my locker, i was so distracted..... So i got a new lock after school and cut the old one. Well my locker is now cleaner. But tonight i have to make frosting for my treat for the Church party. Well i got to get ready.
I the runner....