Thursday, April 16

While watching Bones..

So I can't sleep, got a major headache. My allergies are back...darn it. Work is going to suck tomorrow but should be slow due to it being nice outside. I coach my first soccer Game on Sat., I think the girls are going to do well but I have to figure out playing time. My speech today i wong(w/e), and won! 1 point docked due to my conclusion kind of sucking. :] But back to the serious things in life....

My life has only two problems at the moment: my love life and my Grandma.

First my Grandma is in the hospital today because she fell again. This time my Grandma fell getting the mail and seriously injuring her shoulder. My mom left two hours after the news, she is really worried. I sent a card of course not knowing what else to do.

My love life....not as serious as my Grandma but a problem... I was thinking on the way home how worse it could be but it isn't. Though I was thinking of how lucky it is for some girls to have the guy that takes them out and pays, then sits with them under the stars. I want the romantic guy but not going to happen when i am the clinging type. I am not seriously clinging...i just want what i can't have. ugh :[ I get sick of boys that are clinging but i do the same thing sometimes, how contradictory.

Heres the main problem.............I like a guy again, that has no interest in me than me being a trophy, at least that is the vibe I get. I decided not to be the one to text him, but have him text me so it took until 7:55 ish for him to text me....that made my day to have him text me. :] but it shouldn't be like that. I am afraid that he likes one of my sort of friends still and i am just side game for saying something when i wasn't myself....grrr. but then again i am pulling him along because i am dating Bob. errrrrrr..... So much confusion, i just want to be happy.... :[

Being myself means changing everything.....


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