Wednesday, April 15

This Blog is NOT Dying! Woot

Hello Peeps....

I feel the need to type....to talk...to be heard.....to be noticed... That doesn't happen alot.
But when i feel this way my thoughts can't make it to the computer...i can't type them...I feel the need to explain but I can't. I am angry, upset, happy, confused, disapointed....just emotional.

I feel like I am slowest person on earth to find love....Sure i LIKED people and might have said I love you to some but really not true love. I haven't found a high school love. It seems like everyone around me has found that someone.... I am dating someone but i don't feel love.......nor passion.... I need love and passion... I think I might have found that person a long time ago but let him ago..i want that sort of feeling back, it wasn't love but close, it could have been.

I just feel like a horrible person, a person that is too lost to find a way to understand....

I need something new....instead of falling in love with an idea. My idea is not meant to be reached and will not be reached. I am going to think pratical..................grr it is so hard to think. If it could all be a dream but it isn't.

It doesn't matter how long your life is but how you live it.

I love life, I am going to live and learn and if i make it to 100 i am going understand....but understand for what...what comes next? It is all questions that need to be answered but will not be anwsered....


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