Saturday, September 27

ANger and being sick

I am sick again. No shock right? I can never seem to catch a break. I really need one. I don't want one i just need one. My body, my mind has gone into overtime. I am working very hard from not exploding on someone. Anger seeps out sometimes but that is not the worst of it. I could go pretty far. My anger is for being right and no one believing me. Or thinking i am so smart and that i understand something i should be able to explain, but you know what when i say i don't get it i don't! I am not as smart as you. I don't get all As I just take the classes and do what i want to do. I have many friends. Some better than others. I have people that actually want to call or text not just blow me off for a bf. Sure if you had other friends and just wanted to hang out with them then cool. But if you want to hang out and i am hanging out with my other friends and you want to hang out. You either join us or lose because you have left me for your bf. I am not going to be waiting for a best friend to come back, it isn't how it works. And if the only time we can hang out is school or games, i told you so. I am not saying it is your fault but i am not saying it is mine. I have been left behind to many times. I really don't care for drama. I am happy, well was. I am just sick of thinking you might get off the phone with your boy and actually call. I know not to call because you won't answer because of parents or your boy. You left me. The excuse of soccer is not good enough, those people are my friends but so what? I got time for you but i don't want your bf too. I am free spirit. Stop trying to make your views onto mine. I don't mind hearing them but trying to make me see like you isn't cool. I don't know, you lost me awhile ago. Your choice not mine. I will be waiting, but I will not look like it. I am going to live my life.


  • It will be okay.
    *pat on head*

    Good Kassie. Breathe deeply. Life will work itself out...at least for a while. :D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:05 PM  

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