Monday, October 6


Oh my...I don't care. What a shock? Really it is. I care about nothing it seems these days. The world could end and i wouldn't care. Sounds negative right? Well negative i am. I am not to blame. Should i take the blame no? Should some people own up to there doings sure, am i to make them or tell on them? That is the question. I don't think so. I am a free bird. I got my own stuff to deal with not some petite high school drama bullshit. Sure I think I know shit but i don't. I don't know anything now. It isn't me. I am useless person who hates being noticed. I like being in the crowd not standing out. I think college is going to be the great awaking. I am going to get out of this realm and start a new one for only six years. I need change. CHANGE. I hate being here-high school. I want freedom. Away from stupid people. I trust and care to much. Not any more. No more using me. I am not weak, so stay the fuck away from me!


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