Friday, October 24

The Old Days...

I miss when life was simple. Life could be simple now if it wasn't for drama attention seeking ppl. That is what is wrong in my life along with school right now. It isn't so bad but it still makes it difficult.

Sunday, October 12


Got to get focused...Have to pick. Got to get ready. Be prepared.
Ready set go....

I am at the point everyone gets to...having to decided on stuff. Future stuff.
Someone dies though....A kid that grad. from the same high school i am to in about 8 months. A guy that had everything. Who went to NDSU-the school i want to go to. He kills himself. We miss him. There is nothing to bring him back though but memories.
A death makes you think about your own life, your own decisions.
I am rethinking about NDSU. I am not sure.

Monday, October 6


Oh my...I don't care. What a shock? Really it is. I care about nothing it seems these days. The world could end and i wouldn't care. Sounds negative right? Well negative i am. I am not to blame. Should i take the blame no? Should some people own up to there doings sure, am i to make them or tell on them? That is the question. I don't think so. I am a free bird. I got my own stuff to deal with not some petite high school drama bullshit. Sure I think I know shit but i don't. I don't know anything now. It isn't me. I am useless person who hates being noticed. I like being in the crowd not standing out. I think college is going to be the great awaking. I am going to get out of this realm and start a new one for only six years. I need change. CHANGE. I hate being here-high school. I want freedom. Away from stupid people. I trust and care to much. Not any more. No more using me. I am not weak, so stay the fuck away from me!