Thursday, November 5


Words come easy to some
Difficult to say for others
You pondering over the correct phrase
The right way to organize your words

Words are like poisoin
Slowing killing me inside
I pondering over what you have said
thinking of your words

i just don't understand
yet shouldn't i
words are just a meaning
A way to describe

Words try to describe
they can't describe my feelings
They can not describe my pain
MY hurt

But words are words
Really what are words...
Just a way to not do what you mean
Not show but explain

Words are hard
they can't be what i truly mean
There are no words for what I think
words can not explain the blur i am in

Your words have put me in this blur
I am in this mist of swirling words
Words of words you have said

I wish I could share but there is nothing to be said
My words are all gone
Used or misused


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