Friday, August 26

Sem 1 classes

hi everyone i am bored, so i am going to post my classes on my blog:

1 english 9 a
1 varsity band b
2 U.S. history 9
3 algebra 1
4 computer appl.

Thursday, August 18


hi everyone!!!!

sorry i haven't been on! well i have had a blast this week so far, i have been going to soccer practice 8-12 and waking up at 6:30, which i say that is to early, and i have been shopping a little bit by buying new soccer shoes, they are so kool, and i have talked to jena about how play prac. is going and it sounds like it is coming ok and i can't wait to see it and i am trying to put a pic. on my blog and i thought this one looks good and i think anyone that is a girl and 7-12 that hasn't come to soccer prac. that wants to play soccer should come soon and i don't know what else to right but i am soooooo bored.