Wednesday, August 15

Hey..........My suckie writting is back.....

okay, here it goes...
I haven't written in ages. I wish i have but i really didn't know how to put my feelings into words. I guess i still haven't got it down but whatever.
I have now decided to be in a care but a care-free world. I have learned something big.....

It is that ppl are liars, cheats and just want to hurt you. People may not try or want to but they do. So i have learned that i don't give any because they need to learn to be a grown up and they are not a grown up, well not yet. I know some ppl that are becoming grown ups but they are not there yet. The scary thing though is that the will be on there own next year and they are not ready.

I want people to learn to be nice but truthful. Though when that happens only one person is going to be on earth but maybe not even that will happen.

Though in other words soccer and drama have started. Soccer is okay. I don't have a desire to play right D any more, i want to play forward, though that is another thing that isn't going to happen. And do you want to hear another thing that isn't going to happen? Well Little isn't coming back. Drama is going okay i hear and only two ppl have dropped out and that is good in a way. I hope that no one else does but who knows.

Then in my life, RCTC starts soon and so does regular school. I don't want regular school to start but it will and it will suck. It will suck without little but i guess we get to deal with all the jerks there to make it better, not.

Well there is only one good thing that i wish not to share at the moment, and only a few ppl know. I will share if you ask and nicely. But for some i won't.

Bye bye for now.
For more just call me.