Wednesday, December 5


I am sick of shit. Seriously if you think about shit you get the idea of school, boys, hw and so on. THere is nothing really happy going on but soon there will be xmas!!!! I want Christmas to be here right now, a break. Snow has helped me realize that xmas is coming but i hate it. I hate the wetness and how everything seems to get dirty. THough i love that this is a giving season, i kind of want to give away all my clothes that i don't need but my sisters need them so whatever. My sisters need my clothes and my friends need to be happy. THere is so much SHIT going on with my friends and families, i just want them to be happy. When they are happy they make me feel better. THough with winter here there isn't alot of time for me to be happy with there being no sun and all. I really think this year is going to be worse then the last, because I think i am just depressed with all the stress. I have noticed that i am eating constantly, junk food mainly, and staring at the TV screen and the worst thing i am doing is locking my jaw (i already have problems with it) and grinding my teeth. I love my teeth i think they are the only thing that is almost perfect on my body. My life i know doesn't suck as others, i just think it is worse than some ppls. I hate SHIT! I am bored...give me something fun to do.