Wednesday, January 17

Life, Love, Lost

Life is a complicated thing. None of us know the true meaning of life but we all have are views. My view is lately distorted, from the hearings of others that i can't think myself. I use to think that we are were created from a bang from god but on the other side there is the story of the big bang. I use to think that after death, we would go to pregitory or hevean or hell, but now all i hear is nothing.
Lately i have the feeling that this life is a dream and are dreams are part of the other world. I had a dream awhile ago that all i could remember is "SAVE HER!" I don't remember what this meant, but i think it means i have to save myself. Since this night i have not been sleeping well or in my bed where i had the dream.
I feel confuzed at the moment.
To make it all better i like a guy that i think he knows i like him but he doesn't do anything. So, tommorrow i am going to do the Kassie thing of going up to him and kiss him(even though i know this other girl is hitting on him and i don't know if he like her or me).
It is just that i don't know what to do.

I have been lost lately and i can't find myself - no matter how hard i look.
~Kassandra Kaye Thelen~


I know there is no such thing as normal but dating someone that has no previous dating experience and you don't either, you have to know that this isn't normal and the relationship is dooomed to failure.
I am sick and tired of always having bad dating experenice but i know i set myself up for some of them but it still is not what i want.
~Kassandra Kaye Thelen~