Sunday, October 14

Mulitple Feelings that have forrmed into one big headache......

My head hurts...
There are many reasons for this but I just want the pounding to stop!

I hate school (this includes RCTC).
I need a break and that is coming but not soon enough. This weekend is so busy that I don't think it will be a true break.
School-The boring classes and in the morning I have to get RCTC done.
Meeting- I have to meet with Mr. S about RCTC and colleges

RCTC- lots of HW due
School- Regular classes
Around 3:30 I plan to go to Caledonia with some ppl watch hopefully Byron to kick Caledonia's ass.
Then I get home to my long weekend.

Wed. (my day off)
PSAT test at school

Going to the cities for my uncle Don

Going to the UofM
Then doing to the MofA

More of the mall


Then I back to crappy school. School doesn't consist of fun anymore, all it is work. I have to think about HW and when to get it done. But because I don't have soccer anymore this will be easier. I hate how we ended soccer. We lost to Caledonia 6-0. I sucked. The end. Now I have indoor and I get my ears pierced.

I want to be happy but i can't in conclusion. I need someone or something to make me happy but i doubt that will happen. I want that care-free world.
Well enough about me.
Talk to me,